Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Very Well

Bear is doing extremely Well!!!!! over all he seems like a happier kitty. I haven't seen him go down hill, it seems like his health is steady now.

I did figure out why Bears hair is falling out. One day last week I was in the spare bedroom with him and I was faxing over paper work to the local college. I looked over at Bear because I do get annoyed when I hear the cats licking and chewing on there fur. (don't ask me why it's just the sound of slurps I think.) I was just about to tell Bear to stop when I see him GRAB a CHUNK of fur with his teeth and yank. Right away I call the vet to ask them if I can give him a bath, of course they tell me no because he has FeLV. They did tell me what to do to clean him since I can't get him wet. Which I have been doing.

I know he is yanking his fur out because he still has flees, but as most of you know I've been treating him for the flees. I'm going to try another flee treatment called revolution.

My husband and I decided that Bear needs the Litter Maide. He poops and pees so much more than our 2 cats combined in one day. It's starting to stink up the apartment. I did buy a Litter Maide for my two cats in June and my apartment didn't smell like I owned cats, but now with Bear the cat smell is coming back. I love my cats I just don't want my home to smell like them.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm updating from my phone. Please excuse any spelling or grammer errors.

Bears hair is still falling out, It does not bother him though. A part of me thinks he could be shedding? His fur is really soft and smooth now. I'm seeing that improve so maybe he is just shedding off the icky fur.

He doesn't fight me when I give him his liquid meds. Well he fights me just a little. After he gets his meds he gets a treat after so he's catching on, if I let momma give me the meds I'll get goodies.

I still feel guilty and sad when I think about him in the spare room alone.

I love bear more than anything. He's such a sweet boy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My special angel

I haven't updated in a Couple days.

Bears Hair is falling out again. I really Don't think it's from stress, I think it's from old scabs falling off now. Whenever I comb him with the flee comb scabs come off with his hair. I'm going to keep an eye on the hair falling out though.

Lets see, I have a cute story for you guys. My husband and I like to hang out with Bear in the spare bedroom. I was in there on the bed studying a CLEP book, taking a test and Jaime was on the computer. I decided it was time to take a break. I went into the Kitchen and grabbed some strawberries and whip cream. I went into the spare room to eat and study. Bear comes running out from under the bed, his little black nose detects something sweet. He starts begging and we cannot resist his Face we have to give him a little taste of the whip cream. Jaime dapped a little on his finger and Bear was too excited and got it all over his face. It was adorable, I took Photos. I will Upload them for everyone later. They will surely make you smile.

Not a Day goes by that my Little Bear doesn't make me smile. He's such a good kitty and just wants love. It's going to be hard to tell him goodbye when the time comes. I don't want to think about how much Longer he has with us. I don't want to think about the FeLV he has. I wish he could come out and play and be around the other kitties. We are just going to let him enjoy his last years or months on this earth with us. A family that loves him and that are taking care of him. Bear is my Little Angel. He's special and no one can't tell me any differently.

Friday, March 6, 2009


11:30 pm
I tried a new approach to giving Bear his powder meds. Mix them with Water and squirt it in his mouth, I used a Bigger feeder syringe. Much harder to do than with the smaller ones that slides in his mouth. I'm trying my best to keep him a live. He seems so Happy now. I love him.

6:00 pm
My lovely angel Bear didn't even have a vet appointment today and he still cost me over 100 dollars. His Tri Fractor meds are A LOT. I was not expecting this.Well Bear perfers to eat dry food. Giving him his powder meds is now a pain. He is becoming a picky kitty now. Before he didint care what he ate as long as it was food.

I'm updating from my phone so this is short.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Begger

Bear is Something else I must say. Tonight My husband and I were in the spare room he was working on a Test and was eating a Chicken sandwich. Bear hurries out from under the bed and starts meowing and looking at him. Bear starts to stand on Jaime's knees and tries to get some while rubbing his little head all over him. I start laughing because Bear is a little beggar

I later went back in the room to give bear his liquid medication and he runs up to me and starts to love, usually I pet him back and love him but this time I didn't because I was talking to my husband while leaning on the ground. I didn't acknowledge the love from bear so he bites me and runs lol. Jaime starts laughing because he was looking in my direction while talking to me. I asked why are you laughing? Because bear had bit him earlier on the knee for ignoring him.

It's not a hard bite, it's just hard enough to leave little red dented teeth marks in your skin for a little bit. He hasn't made us Bleed YET but I'm sure it will happen soon :o)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Meds

Bear is running out of his Transfor Factor. He only has a couple left, They will last four more days. It's a powder capsal pill. I break them in half and give them to him. I'm going to try to get Bear more Friday. I want to take him in to see the vet again so they can check him out and see how well he is doing, But I'm going to have to hold off on that. Maybe until april 15th.

Bear seems REALLY hyper today. I was in the room with him this morning and he was Rubbing all over me!!! He had fresh food and water, a clean litter box so he must have been in a loveable mood. We had to start using a small squirt bottle to get him from trying to get out of the spare bedroom. He is tempted to walk out now. At first when we pointed it at him he just looked at it, like What is this? now when it's pointed at him he squints his eyes and turns the other way. Cats catch on quick he was only squirted with it twice.

I'm going to try to upload more videos Of bear tonight.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Wonder

I wonder what Stage Bears FeLV is in. There are six stages 1 through 6. He seems to be in Stage 5 or 6

"At phase six the cat's body is overwhelmed by infection and mucosal and glandular epithelial cells (tissue that forms a thin protective layer on exposed bodily surfaces and forms the lining of internal cavities, ducts, and organs) become infected. The virus replicates in epithelial tissues including salivary glands, oropharynx, stomach, esophagus, intestines, trachea, nasopharynx, renal tubules, bladder, pancreas, alveolar ducts, and sebaceous ducts from the muzzle."

Next time I take him to the vet I'm going to ask them what stage they think bear is at. His Belly is Bloated looking so it's in it's late stages, I bet this is why bear doesn't like his sides touched or his belly, just his head. The good news is Bear is feeling better. Like I said he still is sneezing a lot. I'm going to try to get him some Clavamox tomorrow and I need to call up his Holistic vet to get more Transfor Factor. He only has enough left for six days.

We are still working on payin Bears Vet Bills off, but I hope to have them paid off in 2 months. I'm trying my best with what I get each month. I'm just happy to keep him alive.

Bear is Sleeping next to the bedroom door right now. His new favorite spot is under the bed. he doesn't Snore anymore. I just wish I could pick him up and give him a Bear Hug and lots of kisses but he wont like it.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Bear is being a little feisty He's been this way the past couple days, This is clearly a sign of him feeling better. He is eating a lot!!!!!! He is finally filling out. His fur looks better, he is starting to groom himself and his belly doesn't look as matted anymore because he's been giving himself daily kitty baths.

He still has a little cough and sneeze but overall he sounds so much better and looks so much better. He's happy now. He still needs a bath badly. I do not know how my husband and I will do this since he is a strong big cat and now that he is feeling better he's letting us now how much he will tolerant and what he wont. He doesn't like to be petted much at all, only on his head. Don't think about petting his back he'll snap at you. He rather do the loving I have noticed. Just stand there, and he'll rub and love on you. He is very much so his own person, leave him alone until he's ready to give you love lol.

Bear today March 2

This is Bear on Feb 22 I think.

You can tell he looks so much better.