Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Begger

Bear is Something else I must say. Tonight My husband and I were in the spare room he was working on a Test and was eating a Chicken sandwich. Bear hurries out from under the bed and starts meowing and looking at him. Bear starts to stand on Jaime's knees and tries to get some while rubbing his little head all over him. I start laughing because Bear is a little beggar

I later went back in the room to give bear his liquid medication and he runs up to me and starts to love, usually I pet him back and love him but this time I didn't because I was talking to my husband while leaning on the ground. I didn't acknowledge the love from bear so he bites me and runs lol. Jaime starts laughing because he was looking in my direction while talking to me. I asked why are you laughing? Because bear had bit him earlier on the knee for ignoring him.

It's not a hard bite, it's just hard enough to leave little red dented teeth marks in your skin for a little bit. He hasn't made us Bleed YET but I'm sure it will happen soon :o)

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