Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Very Well

Bear is doing extremely Well!!!!! over all he seems like a happier kitty. I haven't seen him go down hill, it seems like his health is steady now.

I did figure out why Bears hair is falling out. One day last week I was in the spare bedroom with him and I was faxing over paper work to the local college. I looked over at Bear because I do get annoyed when I hear the cats licking and chewing on there fur. (don't ask me why it's just the sound of slurps I think.) I was just about to tell Bear to stop when I see him GRAB a CHUNK of fur with his teeth and yank. Right away I call the vet to ask them if I can give him a bath, of course they tell me no because he has FeLV. They did tell me what to do to clean him since I can't get him wet. Which I have been doing.

I know he is yanking his fur out because he still has flees, but as most of you know I've been treating him for the flees. I'm going to try another flee treatment called revolution.

My husband and I decided that Bear needs the Litter Maide. He poops and pees so much more than our 2 cats combined in one day. It's starting to stink up the apartment. I did buy a Litter Maide for my two cats in June and my apartment didn't smell like I owned cats, but now with Bear the cat smell is coming back. I love my cats I just don't want my home to smell like them.

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