Monday, March 2, 2009


Bear is being a little feisty He's been this way the past couple days, This is clearly a sign of him feeling better. He is eating a lot!!!!!! He is finally filling out. His fur looks better, he is starting to groom himself and his belly doesn't look as matted anymore because he's been giving himself daily kitty baths.

He still has a little cough and sneeze but overall he sounds so much better and looks so much better. He's happy now. He still needs a bath badly. I do not know how my husband and I will do this since he is a strong big cat and now that he is feeling better he's letting us now how much he will tolerant and what he wont. He doesn't like to be petted much at all, only on his head. Don't think about petting his back he'll snap at you. He rather do the loving I have noticed. Just stand there, and he'll rub and love on you. He is very much so his own person, leave him alone until he's ready to give you love lol.

Bear today March 2

This is Bear on Feb 22 I think.

You can tell he looks so much better.

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