Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Vet

I took him to the Vet the same day I posted my last entry. The Vet told me it looks like he had a herpes out break from the stress. He wrote out two perscription for eye drops. Bears eye was inflamed along with his mouth and he also had ulcers. The Dr. Was very surprised to find out Bear was still eating because of it.

The Lysine I've been giving him should help. I've been giving him all his previous immune boosters besides the interferon, I don't have that one anymore. The eye drops are helping. He is opening his one eye now even though his eye is still extermly watery.

A good sign is that when he sees me he runs up to me. He gobbles up all wet food with his medicine in it. I do have a hard time giving him his eye drops, but I manage. I also squirt a little black tea in his mouth to help with the ulcers. I forgot to mention he is now on a liquid antibiotic.

It may be a month before his out break is gone because I've been told by other cat owners who have had the same problem.

Bear Bear us doing a lot better and I'm so thankful for that.

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