Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm not sure if anyone still reads these updates on Bear, but I'm updating for myself mainly these days.

Bear Tested Positive again for Leukemia and than he tested positive for AIDS. I got Bear fixed because I wanted him to come inside instead of staying in the garage. After months of debating with myself to do it, I finally did it because I thought it would be better for his health. He was Fixed about three weeks ago, going on 4. It's been a battle ever since.

After he was neutered he got an awful infection, It stressed my Bear out. I asked the vet for antibiotics and they told me he does not need anything. I had a bad feeling about this when I took him home. I called the Emergency Vet as soon as I saw an infection coming on. She told me since Bear was an older cat he probably shouldn't have been fixed and because he already has a suppressed immune system he needs antibiotics. She told me not to bring him in unless he was bleeding bright red and gushing blood. I held out and was up with him all night until Monday morning came finally. I called a vet nearby that I wanted him to go to and prayed they were open on Saturday. The receptionist told me even though they were booked to bring him in right away, they will make room. They gave me antibiotics to get rid of the infection, and eye cream for his teary eyes because they think he got an URI. i took him home and started him on his medications right away. The infection was going away in both his eyes and where his incision was. I washed all his blankets in bleach and put them back down for him, and the next Saturday he had another appt to check on everything. Everything looked great, the swelling went down on the right side of the incision and the left side needed to be drained. one eye was a little watery but it wasn't nearly as bad. The Doctor gave me more antibiotics for bear since he still had a small infection. Bear was doing great, getting better, getting back to his old self. Than yesterday night i go to look in on him and give him his medications. His left eye is swollen, his eye wont dilate like his right eye. he still is eating and he ate his medicine, I hurried out and warmed up a rag and placed it on his eye, I can tell it hurts him. I cleaned his face and put the e colar back on. I found another brand of eye cream that I used on him last year and I'm treating him with that now and 500MG of L-Lysine. I think he is having a herpes outbreak from all the stress. I'm going to keep an eye on him, and if his eye doesn't improve by this afternoon I will take him to the Vet.

Milo and Libby my two other Kitties have Vet appointments on base today to get there Leukemia vaccines and the base is not equipped for emergency cases. I'm debating if I should cancel Their appointment just so I can focus on Bear. Bear has been to the vet 3 times already because of his infection.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to bear and I hope his leukemia doesn't come out of hibernation. One it does it will be his time to go. I've already have had Bear for 15 months and he hasn't been sick since Feb. 09. I blame myself. If I would have never gotten him fixed he would be a happy healthy boy right now. I can't forgive myself for what I've done. I thought I was doing what was best for him and I was wrong. My vet assures me it was okay to get him neutered but I don't believe it was. I could have lived with the smell of urine in the garage if the meant Bear wouldn't be sick right now.

If I still have followers, Please pray for Bear! I don't want to upload any photos of how he looks right now. Just please send him your prayers we will be thankful.

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