Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Bear is getting better.

I gave bear his eye drops for a few days. The Vet did tell me to stop because Bears eye was starting to get very cloudy. He told me it's probably scar tissue.

Bear is doing great now. I did move him back to the garage though. He was depressed in the bathroom and just wasn't healing. I felt like if I left him in there he would just get sick again. As soon as I put him in the garage he perked up right away!!! The next couple days his eye improved and it wasn't as cloudy! He has a big garage to run around in now and is so happy. It wasn't fair to Bear leaving him inside. He didn't want that, his place is in the garage, it makes him happy.

I glad he is doing better. A weight has lifted. People who have seen Bear told me he looks like a happier kitty. I think bear is enjoying having short hair. I will need to keep shaving him if he let's me.

I've been cleaning bears ears out everyday still. They are still very dirty and are itchy. I'm determined to get them dirt free. It may take months since I do it a little every day.

Bear is starting to nip at me alot now. I don't know why. Maybe is wants to put his scent on me? It's never a, I wanna hurt you bite, it's always soft. Bear is always so gentle with me.

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