Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Retested

Hello to everyone who still fallows Bears blog. I'm getting Bear retested for FeLV. My husband and I are convinced Bear does not have leukemia but that he is ONLY a carrier. A carrier still test postive for the virus but does not get any symptoms. If this is the case Bear can still pass on the virus so that means no contact with the other kitties. A new friend of mine who runs a cat rescue here informed me of all this new information. My husband and I suspected 3 months ago Bear may not have it after I stopped giving him medication because I ran out. But we did not know about the carrier status. Bill is setting up an appointment for me to test bear again.

The next thing will be getting Bear fixed. When I go on the 15 to take Bear to his consult about the leukemia I'm going to talk to the Docs about getting Bear fixed and if it's safe. The reason we haven't done it yet is because the stress may kill him because has FeLV along with the bath. If he is just a carrier or has it we will still fix him though.

When Bill saw Bear he told me right away I don't think he has lukemia. He looks very healthy and big. If Bear doesn't have it than this will be a blessing and he has many more years left instead of a couple.

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