Friday, February 20, 2009

We saw the vet today.

please donate at least 10 or 20 dollars nothing big

2:10 am

GUESS WHAT HE's EATING!!! He was sitting up eating food it is all over the the floor!!! that's the messy Bear I know!! He took a poop. This must have been the problem because after seeing the poop in the litter he was up rolling around rubbing us eating and drinking. He must have been clogged up and it hurt him.

9:30 pm

I took Bear to the Vet today. Dr. Hightman wasn't there. I'm going to call back Monday and talk to him. The vet bill came out to 160. I think mainly Because They hooked Bear up to an IV for 5 mins to get some liquid in him, He is really dehydrated. They Also Gave him a shot, I don't remember the name of it, It had a vitamin B in it I think, They told me it should make him feel better and make him want to eat. The vet also gave me a High CAL gel to give bear. I did get more Clavamox for Bear, but I need to call them tomorrow about that because when I got home to give bear some there was a quarter of it left and it was already open. I was kind of disappointed it wasn't even half full.

Jaime and I are going to try to get Bear better and if he isn't better by Monday we are going to finally consider letting him Pass over to the other side. I'm going to have to accept this and try to do what is best for Bear even though more than anything I want him to Live. Bears treatment hasn't been approved yet. I will call Dr. Hightman Monday as well about that. 800 is a lot and me and Jaime may decide to do that if we can. it's not about the money with Bear and I will do whatever I can to pay for bears treatment.

When we were driving home from the vet bear peed in his carry case. We tried to clean him up as best as we can. he wont let me Clean his belly up. his hair is really matted under it. I've been brushing him everyday his hair does look cleaner I'm trying what I can.

about an hour ago bear did Jump up on the bathroom counter to lay down I heard stuff fall in the bathroom so I went in and checked on him. I'm still trying to figure out where he got the energy to jump up there, because he's still is just laying feels lifeless.

Please Pray for Bear.

The IV is in Bears Back

P.S. The vet said the name Bear was a good one for him. :o)

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your pet! I've been following your blog for a while. Please know that my family is sending prayers to Bear, Jamie, and yourself.