Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad Day

Bear didn't eat anything at all last night. usually he gets a bowl of food filled up every night and by the time the afternoon rolls around it's almost gone. Not this afternoon. It's filled up. Bear isn't eating. He knocked over his water and I filled it up with fresh cold water for him and still nothing.

Bear isn't head butting us when he sees us. I want bear healthy. I was able to give him his meds. I crushed them up into powder and mixed them with water and gave it to him with one of those syringes. It's easy to give him his meds with that.

I just don't get it, he was doing so WELL!!!! I'm not doing anything different. Bear Bear please get better.

I went outside with him and set him up on the bench, I took wet papers towels out there and rubbed him down with those and was cleaning him off and he enjoyed that for about 10 mins and than wanted to go back in his cage. I let him. He's just been laying in his cage hardly saying a peep.

I think I'm going to have Jaime move all his things from his bathroom so we can set bears cage up in there and let him have the spare bedroom. I think he should be inside now. I don't know how the other cats are going to act with another kitty locked in the bedroom.

Please keep bear in your prayers tonight.

Bear is inside now. He's been sleeping on the bathroom rug. Bears Kidneys seems to be bugging him. When I rubbed my hand over the one on the left that the VET examined he meowed at me. He does this on his back end and under his chin.

I held a warm compress on his eye. His right eye still has an infection. He really enjoyed the warm rag on his eye. He still wont eat, we tried everything. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and they will most likely see bear. He hasn't went poop today. His poop was actually pretty big the last couple days it looked like healthy poop. He may be constipated. I'm going to try to give him a little cow milk if he is. I know that works when a pet is clogged up. If bear will start to eat again I will try him on Pumpkin to help him go potty.

I have two videos of Bear. I will get them uploaded as soon as I can.

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  1. Hey girl, I am so impressed with what you are doing for this kitty. I wish I had the money to help you out. I used to work at a vets office and this is what we would do for the animals who didn't want to eat. We would give them some chicken mixed in with their food. The chicken has to be thoroughly cooked. If you have any other questions I can try calling my old roommate and asking her (she is a vet tech) but she doesn't usually pick up for me. My email is I hope the chicken idea helps bear. He is always in my thoughts. You are amazing for doing this.