Sunday, February 22, 2009

A good Sunday

Bear is doing much better. Today he ate his pills in cat treats and he ate the rest with wet food. He's really enjoying being inside I think. Jaime and I both have been in the room with bear for over and hour spending time with him. Bear is drinking lots of water and eating lots of food.

We washed bear with a wet rag and with no bath cat liquid foam. His back and face are clean and matte free but his belly is icky. He wont let us rub his belly to clean it. His eyes are so much better, no more gunk in his eyes or boogers, his face is nice and clean. We can see his pretty face now. I'm still going to put his eye cream on him though, for at least a week longer. Just to ensure the infection is gone.

He spends most of his time in the bathroom. I think this is because his food is in there. He doesn't want to sleep on the bed. I keep trying to get him to jump on the bed but he just looks at me I'm a goof. He's under the desk right now, but as soon as I leave the room he'll go lay in the bathroom.

Thank you to everyone who donated and didn't give up on bear. He does love you for that. We appreciate all the support. Now he's getting back to himself, looking and getting healthy.

Thank you all again.

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