Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Vet Visit

please donate at least 10 or 20 dollars nothing big

Sorry the video is dark

4:21 pm

we are back from the vet, the visit went great. I met the Vet who runs the clinic Mr. Hightman is his name I believe. I was able to get L-Lysine for Bear and a new eye cream which is called Terramyan. I hope this works. Brentwood Did Acupuncture on Bear for free and they did an ultra sound on his Kidneys for free. I saved $214 dollars on bear today. The bill came out to $99 dollars. it would have been $314.75. the Vet told me Bear reminds him of his first cat so he knows how I feel because his cat only lived three years and they tried everything for him. So he's helping me with bear.

We are going to start bear on a Raw food diet to get his immune system up. Even though bear is really stuffy he is still eating. which we were both really surprised since cats only like to eat what they can smell.

I think I'm going to close Bears Fund until we find out if the state will approve him, Or I may just leave it open and open another fund if he gets approved. If Bear doesn't get approved for the treatment all the money donated will be used. I believe the fund is at $250 right now and out of that fund I have used 150 of it so there is 50 left for me for bear.

it's all up to the state if we can get this treatment on bear. The treatment is so new.

it will cost $819.00 for bear and I will need to put a 400 dollar deposit down. I have to give bear a chance at a good life with a family.

I almost forgot, bears red blood count was really down. it was at 14 i think. and it shoould be around 4o I believe.

Bear Getting Acupuncture

1:30 pm

The vet just called me about the imulan. She said they need to get the state to approve this treatment for bear. Once and if they do It will 819.00$

I will need to put down a 400.00 Dollar deposite.

so far bears Fund is at 250, 100 of that is going to bear for bears second vet visit and the 150 i will use for bears deposite.

it's going to cost me a lot to get this little guy healthy.

on tues they are going to call to see if they can get bear approved for this treatment and before they can order it I need to put down 400 dollars. I don't have that money and Bears fund closes on the 6th I"m still waiting on Catster to apprrove it. I need them to approve it more than anything right now.

I already told the vet I have alot of you wanting to donate money to help bear so money right now isn't a issue. If I have to I will try to pull out a loan in my name. I may not get approved for the 800, 500 dollars max since I just started my credit. The only credit Card I do have is an American Express but the bad thing about this, NO VET will accept it because the fees they have to pay on it.

I'm putting all my dental work on hold until I can pay for bear to live.

12:00 pm

I'm taking Bear to the vet at 2:30pm. I went outside to bears cage to give him is medications and he was sitting in the corner facing the wall. He wouldn't look at me. I opened the cage and he heard me do that and he turned around. His eyes are sealed shut with gunck. I've been cleaning them every single day and they have been getting worse.

the vet is about 30 mins away its in Downtown Jacksonville. I hope maybe Bear has Feline Herpes and it's not a bigger problem.

I will keep everyone updated as soon as I get back.

P.S. I', going to have them test Bears blood count since we will be there today.

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