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Bears Story

Feb 12, 2009

please donate at least 10 or 20 dollars nothing big

Bear has been down since he started his meds. The vet did tell me today when she called that he may be getting used to the new treatment. I also asked her if she looked up Imulan so we can get bear on that. She did and as of right now on feb 12th we both do not know how much bears treatment for that will cost, but it will be really exspensive. Treatment will go as this

Month 1: Weekly injections could be around 400
Month 2: Every other week could be around 200
Month 3+: Every 4-6 weeks or as necessary could be 100 every month
The veterinarian may have to adjust treatment schedules based on individual patient response.

bear will need his t cell count taken before this to see if he can be put on this treatment but I'm almost 100 percent positive he will need it to get better.

you can visit this site to read up on what Imulan will do Product_Brochure
even though the fund has reached its limit I still need more for bear. this treatment sounds really promising. please read up on it. thankyou to everyone who has donated already. Bear is sending thankful purs your way.

this is what I found so far on treatment cost Charges seem to be in the $75-$100 range for each treatment, depending on the vet.I have enough for one treatment I'm going to increase the fund a little because treatment is a lot. I was really hoping it would have been 50 dollars for each shot.

Feb 11, 2009

I'm keeping bears fund open so I can pay for his medication Also for Food, bear needs on special food now and for kitty litter. It was set to 300 but I did change it to 200. I'm going to keep his Fund opened until it closes on 03/06/2009 11:59 PM EST in hopes of maybe getting the 300 or a little more because I want to get bear on this medication I hear it's a lot of money and the vet I took bear to never had it but she did write the site down and told me she is going to look into it and I hope they get it in for bear because it sounds really promising It's for Cats who are already showing signs of feLV.

please donate at least 10 or 20 dollars nothing big

bears appointment went GREAT!! this vet is the best one I've gone too! I was recommended a site to find a good vet and it was the most perfect vet to go to! the lady was honest with me too, she said if bear was just a stray and you weren't so attached to him i would recommend putting him down for the safety of other cats outside but i commend you two for trying and bear looks like he has a chance he just needs on medication. We told her that bear still eats like a pig, and walks around with us when we go outside to clean his cage that he's active. she said that was a really good sign. My husband also asked her, If bear was ready to go, wouldn't he just have gone off to hide and be by himself to die? and the lady told him yes, cats usually like to go alone and bear isn't showing signs of that.

bear is on medication now,

wei Qi Booster
Transfer factor

bears nose is really stuffy so she told me to buy some Baby nasal saline and bear is on that, i squirt it up his nose.

I'm so happy they helped me. she doesn't know how much longer he'll live but she did tell us that with this he will live a little longer now.

the lady at the vet gave me some advantage for free. She said I'm just giving this to you guys for what you are doing with bear. Not many people would do what you are doing and bear is Lucky he picked you.

I think I'm able to upload videos of bear. I shot a 30 sec video of him at the vet. he was comfy there, he just wanted to lay down and rest the entire time.

I'm took my cats to get checked for feLV and get vaccinated for it. they were checked 6 months ago and they didn't have it. Every six months I'm going to have them tested and she said that was a really good idea because you like to help strays.

I really loved this vet! it's the best one I've gone to.

this was the site I found them on

bears temp is gone now too. I hope this is the start him getting better and i pray he finds a good home because he'll need a special one.

Bear is drooling a little today, I think it's him getting used to his medication. I have hope he'll get better.

I may change Milo to that vet now. They were disgusted at how Banfield treated bear. I'm done with that vet. never again will I take my pets there.

Feb 09, 2009

I'm going to be taking a break for a little bit. Some of you may know that I'm a huge Animal Lover. I rushed my stray cat to the vet on 2.7.09 and my husband and I learned he is feLV positive. The vet wanted us to put bear down and told me there was nothing they could do. I know this isn't true, I know bear can be put on medication to maintain a good kitty life. My husband and I are trying to treat him for his major ear infection. The vet just gave us ear mite medication and said HOPEFULLY this will cure his ear infection. I got home and read the package and I know this isn't possible with just that. I feel like they just gave me a band aid to just fix the outside problems.

My husband and I are talking about putting him down. This is unthinkable for me. I love this stray cat as hard as it sounds. he trust my husband and I. If we take him in to be put down I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I don't have any Kids but I feel like every pet that has come into my life has a special place in my Heart. Just the thought of maybe we will have to put him down is killing me inside. I can't sleep at night because of it. I ball my eyes out crying because I want to do more and the vet seemed to have no hope in Bear. He told me I'll give you a couple numbers to see a Specialist and he never came back with the numbers. I feel like I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do for bear. I want to find him a forever home to a family who knows how to care for cats with feLV. They can maintain a healthy lifestyle they just can't be around cats that aren't feLV postive.

I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I don't want bear to pass on and I'm praying for a miracle that his eye infection and ear infection will clear up and that chucks of his fur will stop falling out now. his fur started falling out tonight.

I feel like I'm losing a part of my heart because these strays have a special place there. It took bear a year and a half to get used to me and not run. Now every time when he sees my husband and I, he gets excited and meows with joy, and runs over to us and rubs all over our feet. Bear once belonged to a family because he's a loveable cat and I get so mad when I think about the people who left him here to die.

I'm having a hard time with this entire situation and I'm telling myself now that I don't want to help these strays anymore because of how hard it is to say goodbye especially when I don't have the money to get him his treatment started. It just makes me mad they will put him to sleep for free but they wont do anything to help him get better without money in there hands before they even see him.

I have two other cats and I can't keep bear because of this. If I didn't have them he would have a forever home with me. bear wants a family. I can see it in his eyes and in the way he loves on us. he decided 6 months ago that my husband and I belonged to him but we can't keep him.

I have to try to get him better, if I don't isn't even an option.

my heart goes out to all of you who try like I do with these strays. God bless you, they need someone too.

Cats are my weakness, ever since I've been a little girl. My husband is always trying to help strays, as a little boy he'd bring them home. he loves them just as much as me and is always bringing them home now. Bear is the first to have feLV. Cats are our weakness we'll do anything for them and together we try. It's hard to be each other's rock when we both feel the same way. my husband is trying so hard to put on his happy face and tells me it's okay but deep down inside I know he's doing it for me to try to be strong.

This is hard for me. Sorry this is long but I needed to get this off my chest and I know some of you are good listeners and I needed someone to listen.

PS. I've looked into rescues and no one will take him.

I live in Jacksonville FL, and if someone knows of anyone who will adopt bear with his feLV i will be for ever greatful and I will even try to help with some of his vet care. Animals with some of the worst problems, can bring out the BEST in people

Feb 07, 2009

Bears Story. He's been a stray for at least a year and a half that I know of. During the past 6 months bear has come to trust my Husband and I. He lets us pet him now and he loves to rub on our Feet. Bear went missing for a month an a half and when he decided to come back he was in BAD SHAPE. My husband and I rushed him to the vet ASAP. Bear has an extreme case of ear mites that has caused him to get a awful ear infection. He also has flea's, a skin infection an eye infection and URI. The bad news is the vet told us he has feline leukemia That there's nothing they can do. They asked my husband and I what we wanted to do. I told him right away I'm not putting him to sleep. We are treating Bear for everything but the leukemia. They told us he needs to see a Specialist to get him treatment for the leukemia. The leukemia isn't in it's early stages anymore, but I'm willing to do what I can for this stray so he can live out the rest of his kitty life healthy. He deserves that much and very much so wishes he had a family. Bear has to stay outside because feline Leukemia is very contagious. I have two cats right now, one of which was a stray we decided to keep as well.

Bears vet bill came out to 170 and he still needs to be fixed. I'm asking for donations so I can get this vet bill paid off asap so I can get him in there again for anything else he may need help with if his medications don't work. I also want to take him to the Specialist so he can be treated for his leukemia. Specialist are very expensive, a lot more than a regular vet. (first fund used to pay bears first vet visit. It has been paid for and this fund has closed)

I live in Jacksonville FL near NAS JAX, Bear is also up for adoption to a family who knows how to care for cats that have Feline Leukemia. Thank you for taking the time to read his story.

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