Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better Days

I hope today is the start to Bears Better Days. I went to go check on him and give him his medicine. Bear had one eye wide open and one shut. This is a good sign. I went inside to prepare his food and when I came back out his other eye was open. Wow bear I told him, "I can see both your eyes". I tried to give bear his powdered medicine most of all he needs to take one, but today he didn't want to eat his wet food. Little stubborn boy. He rather munch down on his dry food. I need to start taking his dry food out of his cage an hour before I give him his medicine in the wet food so he'll eat it. At least I was able to get him to take three medicines today. The powders I will just put in his mouth from now on if he wont eat them in the wet food anymore. It just may be the wet food I bought. I ran out of the Blue Buff wet food so I bought a cheap brand to hold him over, he doesn't like it too much maybe. I really Don't want to go back into pet smart after how banfield treated bear.

I cleaned bears eyes today. Another good sign that bear was feeling better was that when I tried to put him in his carry case he fought with me more not to go in.

Jaime went outside to bears cage to clean his litter. He said, "Bear must be feeling better, All he was doing was bumping me and rubbing his head on me".

I will upload a video That I took of him later tonight.

Bears eyes look greasy from his Eye gel

Bear Rather stay in his Cage., Until....

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