Monday, February 16, 2009

Messy Boy

Bear is such a messy boy. No manners when he eats lol. Every time I pour food into his bowl or set food in his cage it never fails, bear head butts it and knocks the food all over the ground. I have learned that Bear prefers dry food over wet food. I'll leave him wet food in a bowl and dry food in a bowl and he wont eat the wet until the dry is gone.

Yesterday I made bear a fluffy kitty bed to sleep in. It's yellow. I used my Favorite pillow to stuff it. I hope he enjoys the fluffs just as much as I did when I used that pillow. I can't ever catch him sleeping in it though. Every time I go outside and he hears the door open he runs up to the front of the cage. Jaime saw him sleeping in it though. I'm going to try to get a photo of bear in it though so you all can see. I'm proud of myself that I actually did a good job on sewing it. I just about gave up on it though.

Bears eyes are good like I said in the last update. His second eye lid is no longer red. His right eye is still a little watery but I'm still trying my best for it to clear up like the other side. He is sneezing lots still, he has sneezing spurts where he'll do 10 in a row. He isn't drooling much anymore either.

I cleaned bears cage out again. That kitty is always knocking over his water getting litter everywhere than remember he knocks over his food. those mixed get messy. every time we clean his cage and litter out we need to stick him in his carry case now, because he's always getting in our faces lol, it's bears love time when we try to clean everything out. Bear needs a BATH really bad. he is really dirty. every two days I need to replace his towel that he lays on. Now I'll probably need to wash his kitty bed every two days. I should have made his bed out of towels I still may go to the store and pick up some towels to make him a towel kitty bed that will be easier to throw into the washer.

I can't keep Bear still when I try to clean him up with a wet rag. I can't give bear a bath because it will put to much stress on him right now, but once I get the clear from the vet to give him a bath, I'm going to Try, I don't know if I will be able too though.

Bear didn't want to eat his Pills today, Goodness it took maybe 5 mins to get them in mouth to swallow. He kept spitting them out. If there is one thing that’s easy to give Bear its his medicine. He doesn't really fight us at all. he squirms a little but that's it, he doesn't try to scratch us ever.

sorry for the late update. I just wanted to make sure I got one update in for today.

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