Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wow it's been three months!

Sorry it's been a long time, Here is my excuse, I forgot the email and password Combo lol. Then things have been hectic with my husband’s PCS. First our orders were set solid so we set off with our new plans with Bear in mind, than UH OH never mind our Orders aren't so sure anymore because of Cut backs in the military and for a couple months we were busy looking for a bigger home for us and our furbabies. You know how stressful moving can be and trying to get that in order. So now my husband and I are back at the stage of looking for a new home for the third time. Each home we consider if it will be a good place for bear and all of our cats. You know you're a cat person when you think about them first lol.

Update on Bear

He has to be more than 20 lbs he is fat!!!!!! and he is HEAVY!!!!!!!! oh man that little boy is healthy. I can't believe how much bigger he is. He is still stinky as ever. He poops more than any cat I’ve seen. He is still dirty, since I can't give him a bath. More good news, I finally have gotten rid of the flees on him and the other cats. It has been a battle since FEB. I've found a tropical flee treatment that works great. It's called Revolution. I couldn't find a Vet in Orange park that sold it and for a decent price. I have to order it online for them but it's wonderful, it killed the flees!

Bear is still a little scardy cat. He runs and hides from the smallest things falling that make a noise. He loves to rub his head all over you and everything. He loves to claw at your feet. He lets us know when he's hungry too, he'll bang on the bedroom door by pulling the towel. He tries to jump in front of us when we try to leave the bedroom lol.

one of his ears is still nasty. I've tried to clean it with 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water but once he smelled it he threw up everywhere. I clean the tips of Libby’s ears with this solution and it's done a good job of clearing up her infection and she didn't hack up anything so I’m assuming Bear is sensitive to scents.

From now on, I’m going to just try to record videos of him and post those for everyone instead. It will be faster and easier for me plus you all can see Bear.

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